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Fitting Instructions


Putting the Harness On for the First Time

Once the harness is fitted the first time, you should not have to readjust it unless you have a growing puppy or a dog whose weight fluctuates. We recommend  that you check the harness for proper fit on a monthly basis, in case any straps have loosened at all.

 Step 1: Unbuckle harness.  Drop over dog's head with contrasting loop on top.


Step 2: Bring velvet strap between front legs.  Snap buckles closed on both sides.
Step 3: Adjust and tighten harness around the chest until it fits snugly.  Then adjust and tighten across the front and between the front legs.  You should be able to get no more than 2 fingers under the harness.



Step 4: Attach the leash and enjoy your walk!