Kiss This

Kiss This
Who can resist? Kiss this dog on the nose, the forehead, behind the ears! Give him/her a gentle hug while you're at it.

This collar is exclusive to 2 Hounds Design. It combines sweetness with sizzling red lipstick lips for a bit of edge. A black background and white lettering round out the design, and red grosgrain borders finish the look. The black satin* lining disappears in all the fun.

* Every satin-lined Elite collar is made with care, to ensure its beauty is matched by comfort and strength. It:

  • Starts with a strong but soft webbing core in a width to match the collar width
  • Encloses the webbing entirely in either crepe- or flannel-backed satin for body and softness on the neck
  • Is securely sewn using industrial strength nylon thread on industrial sewing machines, and is
  • Finished with top-of-the-line hardware, including welded d-rings.

Available in 1" and 1.5" wide. The 1" version will not have the red border on the edges. A matching leash is also available.

Made in the USA.

Description Price QTY
6' Matching Leash
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5' Matching Leash
4' Matching Leash
1.5" BUCKLE MARTINGALE collar XXLarge (24-34")
1.5" BUCKLE MARTINGALE collar XLarge (18-26")
1.5" BUCKLE MARTINGALE collar Large (15-20")
1.5" BUCKLE MARTINGALE collar Medium (13-18")
1" BUCKLE MARTINGALE collar XXLarge (24-34")
1" BUCKLE MARTINGALE collar XLarge (18-26")
1" BUCKLE MARTINGALE collar Large (15-20")
1" BUCKLE MARTINGALE collar Medium (13-18")
1.5" MARTINGALE collar XXLarge (24-34")
1.5" MARTINGALE collar XLarge (18-26")
1.5" MARTINGALE collar Large (15-20")
1.5" MARTINGALE collar Medium (13-18")
1.5" BUCKLE collar XXLarge (24-34")
1.5" BUCKLE collar XLarge (18-26")
1.5" BUCKLE collar Large (15-20")
1.5" BUCKLE collar Medium (13-18")
1" MARTINGALE collar XXLarge (24-34")
1" MARTINGALE collar XLarge (18-26")
1" MARTINGALE collar Large (15-20")
1" MARTINGALE collar Medium (13-18")
1" MARTINGALE collar Small (10-14")
1" BUCKLE collar XXLarge (24-34")
1" BUCKLE collar XLarge (18-26")
1" BUCKLE collar Large (15-20")
1" BUCKLE collar Medium (13-18")
1" BUCKLE collar Small (10-14")